I’ve always had an eye for capturing the best results...


Starting a wedding + portrait photography career after college, I was met with great national recognition. However, I quickly recognized what the marketplace was missing: a studio that provided not only value, but also experience and quality. My efforts were met with swift success as I quickly expanded Little Nest Portraits, my idea for a luxury boutique photography experience, into two Philadelphia-area studios, before growing it into a national franchise.

Utilizing my experience as a successful entrepreneur and my understanding of marketing (from high-level strategy to unit level sales conversions), I help franchisors develop a consumer marketing strategy that they are missing in order to yield their best results. I work with companies to fill individual skill and resource gaps, helping to facilitate brand expansion.

Whether serving as a part-time CMO, brand strategist, freelance marketing director, creative director, sales trainer, or strategy facilitator, I convert insights and intent into practical and useful tools and programs, which help companies gain more consumer leads.

Working with The Lash Lounge, I assisted with rapid company growth by redefining the brand platform, running focus groups, identifying target personas, adding definition to its value proposition, and creating a full suite of evergreen sales and training tools. I also assist companies with marketing strategy flow and playbooks to monitor and activate lead generation and conversion.

Marketing is a science and an art. Though metrics and marketing KPIs are necessary, creative problem solving and customized brand solutions are also important. I work with companies to run their offsite strategy sessions based on EOS in order to help their executive teams.

Leveraging empathy and levity with firsthand knowledge, I listen more than anything else.

I live in southeastern Pennsylvania with my husband, two little human boys, and two little girl dogs. In my spare time, I enjoy growing online companies, Zumba fitness, smoothie making and playing with my drone.

Always open to the voices of others; please feel free to reach out to me.