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Places I have spoken:

Femfessionals Philadelphia Keynote Speaker: Fall 2018

Podcast interview recordings:

From Founder to CEO

Franchise Euphoria

The Creative Giant Show

The Sprouting Photographer

The Running Lifestyle Show

Speaking topics:


Why Systems, Not Habits, Are the Key to Work-Life Balance

Successful habits like scheduling personal time on your calendar, turning off tech at home and creating boundaries help you manage your time, but do they really create work-life harmony and more joy?

In this talk, Laura Novak Meyer explains why systems are the key to a busy working woman’s success, work-life harmony, and joyful life.


Grow Your Empire While Staying True To Yourself

Laura Novak is among only 3 percent of women business owners to grow her company to more than a million dollars in revenue. Like so many of her peers, Laura faced challenges along the way that tempted her to develop a harder edge.

In this talk, Laura Novak Meyer explains why staying true to herself, employing kindness in her work, and being okay with slow growth were all key to her success.



Empowered by Faith (Christian audiences)

What does it mean to be an empowered woman of faith?  As we watch the world of girl-bosses and girl-power unfold around us, what is our place as creative entrepreneurs who love God? 

In this talk, Laura shares her experiences of how her faith integrates with entrepreneurship, and how to stay comfortable in our faith while faced with the inevitable uncomfortable situations that come up in running a business. 

Failing Up

Although most businesses do not succeed, it’s often an unspoken topic.

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