Marketing + Sales Breakthroughs that Accelerate Revenue

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Transform your Business with Ease.

Is that next-level business growth just out of your reach? I convert data and empathy into practical tools and programs, which in turn helps companies gain more consumer leads, maximize sales and increase retention. The result is less strain, increased revenue and more impact.


Next-level growth always begins with empathizing the journey of your ideal customer.

Using our signature key empathy-mapping technique as a proven framework, my team and I develop easy-to-use marketing and sales solutions that accelerate revenue without feeling like you are constantly pushing upstream in your business.

Whether serving as a part-time CMO, brand strategist, or outsourced marketing department,we help brands use intuitive strategies to scale by converting empathy + data into practical tools that increases leads, maximizes sales and transforms retention.



Three Key Phases of Revenue Acceleration

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Empathy-mapping technique is mapping your customer’s journey using brand story and a real and tangible guest experience based on value drivers your target market truly cares about.


Phase One: Brand Positioning
30-60 Days

Are your marketing + sales efforts stalled? As you scale, I help you craft your marketing foundation into a well-positioned platform and brand identity designed to fuel revenue growth. We deeply explore into why you are truly different, and how those points of differentiation translate into guest value.

This becomes a a basis for all marketing and sales efforts, lowering acquision costs while increasing profitability.

Phase Two: Lead Acceleration
60-180 Days

After your brand position is complete, we create a map of your customer’s journey that translates your brand story into a real and tangible guest experience based on a value proposition your target market truly cares about.

Together we develop comprehensive evergreen and promotional playbooks to provide your team with specific actionable steps that to grow lead flow. These playbooks are filled with done-for-you marketing solutions for including breakout materials for social, community and partnership lead generation.

Phase Three: Sales + Retention Solutions
180+ Days

After your marketing tools are complete, we develop professional sales training tools designed to integrate seamlessly with your new suite of marketing tools. This includes hands-on application exercises and interactive tools designed to maximize conversion and retention. We then provide ongoing campaigns and content to support your customer empathy map.


Coursework Completed: EOS/Traction online facilitation training, Building A Storybrand, Ask Methodology, Facebook Page Strategies and Tribe Online Membership.

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– Client List –

Laura truly understood our value for the customer journey and was able to help us identify how to optimize the client experience - it’s rare to find someone who can do both!
— Helaine Knapp, Founder + CEO, CITYROW
Laura is an exceptional thought-partner, innovator and communicator. She asks the right questions to deliver her best work and exceed her clients expectations!
— Meg Roberts : President, The Lash Lounge. Former President, Molly Maids.
It has been a blessing working with Laura across three brands - she delivered a brand essence and manifesto leveraging focus groups and facilitation, membership conversion tools and partnering with me on a corporate strategy project. Laura has a rare combination of true operational experience coupled with excellent communication and facilitation skills and the ability to deliver practical tools in short order. Laura is that unique leader who converts insights and intent to practical and useful tools and programs.
— Dave Keil : COO and Operating Partner, Franworth. Former CEO, Pure Barre.

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